Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prim Composer Introduction and Features

Hello World!
Like the title says, this is an unofficial blog/mirror about Prim composer. Here is some information about the tool:

---------->  Prim Composer for 3ds Max

*** Description ***

Prim Composer is complete offline building environment for Second Life and
OpenSim. Build in 3ds Max; Deploy to either Second Life or OpenSim.

*** Current Version ***

1.4.0 — released 2010-08-02

*** Download and Support *** - the site is down , that's why this blog was created - working download link - another mirror by Heb Dexler

*** Features ***

    * Create and edit a scene of prims in 3ds Max.
          o Prim Types: Sculpties and all parametric prims (box, sphere, …)
          are supported. Parametric prims are manipulated using the standard
          SL interface (cut, hollow, …).
          o Constrained scaling: scale prims using the standard 3ds Max
          mouse-driven tool. Prims are automatically constrained to the target
          environment’s prim size restrictions.
          o Grouping: grouped prims within 3ds Max are exported to target
          environments as linked sets.

          o Texturing: Apply materials and textures to prims and sculpts in
          3ds Max. Bake or render them in 3ds Max or automatically upload them
          to Second Life and OpenSim.
    * Export all or part of the 3ds Max scene to Second Life or OpenSim via
        an automated libsecondlife bridge.
          o WYSIWIG: shape, size, rotation, and relative positioning of prims
          is preserved. Grouping is preserved as linked sets. Support for
          texturing is planned, but not yet implemented.
          o World Attributes: world attributes such as permissions and physics
          can be set in 3ds Max and are preserved during the export process.

*** License ***

Prim Composer is licensed under GPL3
Copyright 2008-2009 Shack Dougall


  1. Hello!

    I've been trying every combinaisons of setting to have a hollow face not redered as a black square using Mental Ray but I have been unsuccesful so far. Any ideas ?

  2. Hey Mesa,
    Not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve, but maybe you are trying to make a hole inside a sculpty object? Flipping normals and deleting a face will not help. Exporter will ignore those or produce an error. The best way to create an object with holes is to use segments, check my bench tutorial here:
    Hope this helps
    Best regards

  3. HI Amis,

    Some Precisions. So far I have been unsuccesful to bake the primitive's Hollow faces when using mental ray. Ie. a Cylinder will get each of it's faces baked properly - top, bottom, outside, Path cuts - execpt for the hollow face. Unfortunately primcomposer yeild a black square when Mental Ray is used.

    This however won't happen using the Scanline renderer or V-Ray which is the good news.

    Thanks :)

  4. Hello Mesa,
    Hmm if it works with Vray and Scanline it's not a prim composer bug. Do you have indirect illumination switched on ? For example Final Gather with some preset? Maybe this hollow part don't receive direct light and need indirect illumination? Other than that be aware that hollow parts of the regular prims have horrific mapping and most of the time it's impossible to get nice bake there. I hope this will help. Best regards

  5. When i export from Second Life to 3DS Max, the prims are just one whole inseperable chunk, which makes it impossible to edit or UVW Unwrap.

    Is there a way around this please?

    Thanks =-)

  6. Hello Captain,
    This is because prim composer imports them as a linkset. And a linkset in 3ds max is == Group. Just open/ungroup or explode the pile and you are ready for dance :)

  7. Thanks for the very fast reply i appreciate it. Could you explain how i do that? I've been using 3DS Max for 10 years but never had to use this option lol.

    Thanks =-)

  8. It's on the main Toolbar called "Group" :) Just use Ungroup,Open or Explode. Best regards

  9. Hey i need help with something please it's kinda urgent =-(

    I've used Maxport before and i can export things into the grid but you said we need to add to the grid list.. However it wont let me add it and even if i do somehow manage to do it then it wont connect to it..

    Why is that?

  10. You are referring to *maxPROXY* usage. For *maxPORT *, you don't need to add anything. Hope this helps. Regards

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sorry i meant Maxproxy...

    Well in the tutorial it says

    type maxproxy.exe --main

    Into maxport, and into Second Life grid add

    I've tried logging in without adding that and it wont work, i've tried adding it and it wont let me

  13. i wish Shack picked up this tool again... opensim/sl is now pretty stable so give this tool a second chance...


  14. When i import prims into 3DS, they are grouped together making it impossible to edit them singularly =-/