Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Information about the status of Prim Composer project

Hello all,
Many people are asking "What's going on with Prim Composer project?". The good news are that Shack ( the developer of prim composer ) is okay! He had some problems with his server and that's why the site is down. Right now he is busy with other things and don't have time to fix it, but he have fresh backup, so nothing is lost. About the future development of prim composer:
"At this point, I don't really know if I will continue with Prim Composer or not.  Maybe after meshes are released to the main grid...not sure."  - Shack Dougall

So bottom line: The future of the site and project are unclear but the developer is well :)
Best regards

Monday, February 14, 2011

Prim Composer Patches

Hello all,
Over the years I've created several patches to prim composer to ease my workflow. Check them here:

- Extension to "Size" menu, allowing you to manipulate object's bounding box. ( primary used for mega sculpties )
- "Stop auto aspect ratio" checkbox. (primary used to lower the LOD of a sculptie by exporting/importing it with lower resolution settings)
- New type of sphere creation ( polys instead of triangles )
- "Uncheck all faces to bake" bulk operation

Just unpack the archive and copy the files over the originals.
Have fun :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sculpty Grid Snapper v1.25

Okay here is something coded by me for a change :))
Download: http://amisima.s3.amazonaws.com/sgs v1.25.rar

- Snapping a sculpty object to a sculpty compatible grid.
- Reducing the LOD of a sculptie (works only on max 2010/2011)
- Creation of a helper grids
- Bounding box manipulations.
- Custom resolution sculpties creation.
- UV fitting to 0-1 UV space
- Flipping the UVs to fix "Inside out" problem.

*Can be used only on collapsed Editable Poly

Sculpty animation: http://screenr.com/YvD


Here are some tutorials I've created:

Basic baking: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymmzfmsejvz
Bench creation: http://www.mediafire.com/?rnvk2a02mtm
Cutting Sculpties by using UVs as reference: http://www.mediafire.com/?7bayyiijdtt
Using 32bit textures and photographic exposure control: http://amisima.s3.amazonaws.com/exposure tutorial.rar
Using simple maxscript commands to create bulk operations: http://amisima.s3.amazonaws.com/maxscript bulk.rar
Reducing LOD of a sculptie: http://amisima.s3.amazonaws.com/reduce LOD.rar
Bucket distribution rendering: http://screenr.com/c1R
Tutorials by Shack (creator of Prim Composer) kindly hosted by Heb Dexler:

Maxport and Maxproxy Usage

Maxport.exe - Program to import prims from 3ds Max to Second Life or OpenSim
Maxproxy.exe -  Program to export prims from Second Life or OpenSim to 3ds max

Both programs use LibOpenMetaverse and you need to start them from DOS prompt. ( just run "cmd" ).
You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed.

You can list their command-line arguments by typing:
maxport.exe --help or maxproxy.exe --help

Basic usage of Maxproxy for SL:
1. Start Maxproxy like this:  maxproxy.exe --main 
2. Run 3rd party SL viewer like Phoenix.
3. Add new grid with address:
4. Connect to it. You must see Maxproxy's banners on login
5. Select prims or linksets that you own and created
6. Type in the chat:  /save name_of_your_project
7. The saved images and .hpa file can be found in c:\prims
8. Use Import funcion in the Prim Composer menu

Basic usage of Maxport for SL:
1.  Export your build with Prim composer.
2.  Start Maxport like this: maxport.exe -flp Firstname Lastname password --main -i "full path to your .hpa file"
3. Wait until the upload is over.

Alternatively you can use a patched third party viewer which support HPA:

Basic installation of Prim Composer

I will try to explain what is the basic installation of prim composer.
*Installing the tool
1. Download the tool from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?46x8gdcna7113di
2. Unpack it somewhere
3. Take the "primcomposer" folder and copy/paste it inside your max's "stdscripts" folder, in my case:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\stdplugs\stdscripts
Note: If you are using 64bit version of max your root folder will be "Program Files" , but if you use 32bit it will be "Program Files (x86)". Make sure you've putted it in the right folder.
4. Start 3ds max. You may get an error on the first start. Ignore it and restart max.
5. You should see a new menu at your top bar called "Prim Composer"
*Configuring your max
There are two major settings you need to change in your max setting in order it to work with prim composer.
1.Customize -> Preferences -> Rendering -> True Color - must be Unchecked
2.Customize -> Preferences -> General -> Use Real-World Texture Coordinates  - must be Unchecked

Optional: Set your Display Units to Meters and System Units to Inches

Prim Composer Introduction and Features

Hello World!
Like the title says, this is an unofficial blog/mirror about Prim composer. Here is some information about the tool:

---------->  Prim Composer for 3ds Max

*** Description ***

Prim Composer is complete offline building environment for Second Life and
OpenSim. Build in 3ds Max; Deploy to either Second Life or OpenSim.

*** Current Version ***

1.4.0 — released 2010-08-02

*** Download and Support ***

http://liferain.com/downloads/primcomposer/ - the site is down , that's why this blog was created
http://www.mediafire.com/?46x8gdcna7113di - working download link
http://www.lldexler.com/primcomposer/PrimComposer_1_4_0.rar - another mirror by Heb Dexler

*** Features ***

    * Create and edit a scene of prims in 3ds Max.
          o Prim Types: Sculpties and all parametric prims (box, sphere, …)
          are supported. Parametric prims are manipulated using the standard
          SL interface (cut, hollow, …).
          o Constrained scaling: scale prims using the standard 3ds Max
          mouse-driven tool. Prims are automatically constrained to the target
          environment’s prim size restrictions.
          o Grouping: grouped prims within 3ds Max are exported to target
          environments as linked sets.

          o Texturing: Apply materials and textures to prims and sculpts in
          3ds Max. Bake or render them in 3ds Max or automatically upload them
          to Second Life and OpenSim.
    * Export all or part of the 3ds Max scene to Second Life or OpenSim via
        an automated libsecondlife bridge.
          o WYSIWIG: shape, size, rotation, and relative positioning of prims
          is preserved. Grouping is preserved as linked sets. Support for
          texturing is planned, but not yet implemented.
          o World Attributes: world attributes such as permissions and physics
          can be set in 3ds Max and are preserved during the export process.

*** License ***

Prim Composer is licensed under GPL3
Copyright 2008-2009 Shack Dougall