Monday, February 14, 2011

Prim Composer Patches

Hello all,
Over the years I've created several patches to prim composer to ease my workflow. Check them here:

- Extension to "Size" menu, allowing you to manipulate object's bounding box. ( primary used for mega sculpties )
- "Stop auto aspect ratio" checkbox. (primary used to lower the LOD of a sculptie by exporting/importing it with lower resolution settings)
- New type of sphere creation ( polys instead of triangles )
- "Uncheck all faces to bake" bulk operation

Just unpack the archive and copy the files over the originals.
Have fun :)


  1. So what happened to and Shack? Is PrimComposer over with?

  2. There seem to be problem with new "bbox Size" control? The spinners seem to be limited to 10m range even though the "Limit size range" doesn't check.

  3. Additionally, rotated sculpt seem to screw up the new bounding box calculation (try rotate a sculpt 45 degree rotation on Z-axis, then attempt to resize X/Y axis using the new box)

  4. Hello Nargus,
    Go to Prim composer's preferences and change the maximum prim size to 256 ( biggest possible ). This restriction kicks in in the moment you activite size limits. Bbox patch doesn't use that , but the actual size spinners use it. What the patch actually do is to add 2 isolated vertices in the corners of this "new" bbox. You can spot them if you go to vertex sub-object mode. Rotation the sculpty should not mess things up , unless you've selected it in vertex mode and forgot to select those two isolated vertices. My advice is to apply the bbox after you are done with all rotations. You can clear the current one with "reset". Hope this helps. Best regards

  5. And one more thins , always apply "Reset Xform" to all sculpties before export. Without it things gets messy in SL. Don't apply it on regular prims! Here is a bulk maxscript command to do it on all selected sculpties:
    for i in selection do resetxform i

  6. Hi there,
    I've been trying to track down this problem for long time now. I've replaced the Composer scripts with your patch with "Stop auto aspect ratio" checkbox. However, it seem that Max still keep reverting back to running the old script (it seem), which doesn't have that option. I've even search entire harddisk to make sure I don't have 2 copies of the script around. I've got no idea how could the plugin got keep reverting to old script? Are they somehow cached within the Max file itself? :o

  7. Hello Nargus,
    Weird problem :) How exactly you installed the patches ? You need to replace the original files in something like: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2012\stdplugs\stdscripts\primcomposer\
    and to restart max. Only the macroscripts are copied in a different folder, but my patches are not related to them. Common mistake is to copy/change files in wrong Program Files folder. On 64bit systems it called "Program files" but on 32bit it's "Program files (x86)". I think by default max installer install both 32 and 64bit versions of max. But I'm just stabbing in the dark here :)

  8. Well, that's what I did :O I even go and edit the scripts myself and rid the parts I don't want, the scripts still revert back to the old one after a while O.o I'm stump as to what's wrong with the thing O.o

    Oh! And the 10m spinner limit problem earlier, I already fixed it by replacing the default limitation in the script, so all is good now ^^

  9. Very weird .. The only thing i can think of is this:
    Or you have some bizarre backup tool that kicks-in after some amount of time. But if you where unable to fix the 10 m spinner problem from Prim composer's preferences it's most likely UAC problem. Please post if you find solution to this weird problem :) Best regards

  10. Maybe I should try deleting the thing and see if the plugin still somehow load out of nowhere :3

  11. Hmmm~ How do you fix problem with baked texture broken after changing the sculpt's Aspect Ratio with "Stop auto aspect ratio" on? :O It like...went all broken? Or it doesn't happen to you? :o

  12. Hey Nergus,
    Well sadly converting from one aspect ratio to another directly with prim composer is not flawless :( For example if you decide to convert 32x32 to 8x256 you will probably get a very messy sculpty. You can try to fix the result by relaxing/sliding some of the edge loops in order to distribute them correctly. I've created this patch to be able to lower the resolution of a sculptie by changing the final aspect ratio. For example 32x32 exported as 16x16 and re-imported back. If you do that , don't forget to fix the aspect ratio to the original resolution before the final export. I hope this make sense :)

  13. Oh! You mean like...export the sculpt in new format, then create them again using import tool instead? I didn't think of that before!

    There should be an actual solution to the problem though...there's no reason whatever mapping that got mixed up could not be regenerated along with new config?

  14. I'm not sure I understand the problem? You have a special map maybe painted in a 3d paint software and you want to covert it to the new sculpty resolution ?

  15. Hi instal you patch To C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 9\stdplugs\stdscripts\primcomposer

    Fix UAC problem to your link

    And problem 10m limit not fix.

    Operating system: Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
    Max version: 3Ds Max 9 (32bit)

  16. Hey Vitacit,
    You can stop the limit from Prim composer preferences ( forever ) or from prim composer menu ( for the session). Best regards

  17. Yes this is good. My prim in 3ds max x=17m,y=17m,z=0.5m.
    Export to to second life and prim x=10m,y=10m,z=0.5m

  18. Vitacit, yelling may work at home, but here and at me, it does not. Have fun finding a solution on your own.

  19. I get error while exporting in max2011.
    - (1) Export Sculpt FAILED in prim 'Sphere001' -> -- Unknown property: "SetSavePreMultAlpha" in undefined
    How to fix that?

    P.S. I use SculptGenMax. it works fine

  20. It looks like you are using some old version of prim composer that was not fixed for 2011. Latest one is 1.4.0 from here: , on top of it you can apply the patches from the links above. This error is related to some changes in BitmapIO between 2010 and 2011/2012.