Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here are some tutorials I've created:

Basic baking:
Bench creation:
Cutting Sculpties by using UVs as reference:
Using 32bit textures and photographic exposure control: tutorial.rar
Using simple maxscript commands to create bulk operations: bulk.rar
Reducing LOD of a sculptie: LOD.rar
Bucket distribution rendering:
Tutorials by Shack (creator of Prim Composer) kindly hosted by Heb Dexler:


  1. Hi,

    I would just like to say thanks for the awesome tutorials! I have been having trouble lately with exporting in 3dsmax via Primcomposer. I want to make a sculpt symmetrical, but unfortunately the "Symmetry" tool/modifyer makes the sculpts unable to export. Is there a fix/way around?

  2. Hello Spencer,
    Check this tutorial: Hope it helps. Best regards

  3. Hello amis thank you for all your tutorials :)
    But as I'm new user of 3dsmax and primcoposer i need an integral tutorial of a complex sculty ( from modeling to texturing and specially focus in how use uvw to make a good texture. so if you made one or you know good link of that type of tuto in the web please let me know.
    Note: i see all your tuto and those of Shack Dougall :
    Thank you :)

  4. Hello who can see the file below and tell me what i did wrong to have that bad texture for my sculty in sl ( i don't speak about darkness due to the light in the scene)
    the texture is not the same when i render in 3dsmax and in sl after baking with primcompser and import it with maxport.
    If there is something wrong it will be good if you can send me a scene file with correction lol!

    2 scenes file .max 2011 and .max 2012