Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Few things..

Hey all,
I decided to post something , some of you maybe already know it / used it , but still ...
It's not related to SL, but it's a big step in right direction about the future of 3ds max.

Also I like to mention that if you need more immediate help about prim composer you can get it in "3ds max" group in Second life. Having a snapshot of your sculpty in wireframe with polygon/vertex statistic switched ON and opened Unwrap UVW/Edit window will speed up things even more. Something like that: http://img217.imageshack.us/i/clipboard01uj.jpg/

Best regards


  1. Hi, Im getting this error when I try to export sculpt from Max 2009
    ** 1 Errors:
    - (1) Export Sculpt FAILED in prim 'Sphere01' -> -- Unknown property: "SetSavePreMultAlpha" in MaxOpenEXR

    Are there any solution for this please?

  2. Hello Svebor,
    Hmmm that was the error present in 2011 before the fix. Do you use the last version ? 1.4.0? At some point AD made changes to Bitmap:IO OpenExr , but i think Shack made it to check max version and act accordingly. If you are not sure that you are using 1.4.0 take it from here: http://maniacsl.blogspot.com/2011/02/basic-installation-of-prim-composer.html

  3. Hi Amis, thanks for replying!
    Ok, here is what I actually did, since i was frustrated about RGB conundrum... I had 1.4 then patched with files from here, and wanted to see if behavior persists (since i was working on 2 "connected" prims, and when I export them and re-import they don't match on seams anymore which drove me nuts!) reverted back to pre-patched. So
    had 1.4, then applied patch from here, then went back to 1.4 and then errors started showing up.

    So I guess it worked, but somehow I broke it (even now with patched one its not working anymore...)

  4. Hey Svebor,
    My advice is to remove the whole "primcomposer" folder from here: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2009\stdplugs\stdscripts ( or x86 version of this ). There are some PrimComposer macroscripts here: C:\Users\Your_username\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2009 - 64bit\enu\UI\usermacros remove them too. Be careful not to remove something else. Best advice RAR the whole folder just to be sure. Now start max. Prim composer should be gone. Than stop max and install it like in the link i gave you in my previous post. This is the closest to "clean reinstall" i can think of. About the "connected" prims, it's a sculpty limitation. Composite sculpties do nice job but far from perfect. I found a way to do it seamless but in a cost of precision. My script can help you big time on this adventure: http://maniacsl.blogspot.com/2011/02/sculptie-grid-snapper-v125.html (check the tutorials etc). My patches should not broke this, because they are based on 1.4.0. Hope some of this will help you :) Best regards

  5. Thanks amis and I will try that "clean uninstall"... I have seen your grid snapper already, but havent used it really... and this one drove me nuts because i hit that "sweet spot" (yes im aware of RGB conundrum with sculpts but never experienced it this "stubborn") since I was literally allign left with right, then reimport, then align right to left, then reimport and so on... usually after 2-3 tries, I manage to escape that spot where it snaps to upper or lower value on RGB but this one kept pissing me off :)
    But will let you know if I manage to fix it... thanks again Amis!

  6. Well, I managed somehow to "reset" prim composer and decided to use your snapper thingie which is btw after some playing with it F-ing amazing! :)
    Anyway, one thing I dont get.
    I select sculpt, click Calc bounding box and after that Snap to sculptie grid. I see that it really snaps "somewhere". Then I create helper grid, and then switch plane etc... I snap points to that grid. However, when i click again on Snap to sculpty grid, it snaps not on grid points, but rather somwhere in between. Is that expected behavior, or something Im doing wrong. I tried watching videos but im not sure if they are messed up or my windows blows up, but quality (for me) sucks bigtime...
    Thanks in advance

  7. Hello Svebor,
    I'm glad you've liked the script. Those differences come from number rounding problems. Sometimes they fit to the helper grid sometimes they don't, it depends of the sculpty. I tried to find a way around that, but i was unsuccessful. I use snapping to preview the sculpties before export, to spot bumpiness etc, but if you want to be super precise like creating 1 prim furniture , helper grid is perfect reference. About the videos i recorded them in very big resolution maybe that's why they look wrong :(
    Best regards

  8. Nah, it was my rig... Updated WMPlayer and looks ok now... Anyway, so, I'm having 2 L shapes not done with composite function, but simply 2 cylinders (one L and one reversed _|) that i wish to "join". Im suspecting that im having this much problems with them because they are not using same bounding box space, thus RGB conundrum kicks in more that I have experienced.

  9. The only way to make seamless transition is to bake them inside identical bbox like i show here: http://amisima.s3.amazonaws.com/sgstut2.rar
    Other than that, you can get close but not perfect. The problem is that even with seamless transition WindLight shader treats them as separate objects and this seam is visible :(